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Full "Communication Skills That Remove Limits" programme

Increase your confidence, willingness, and skills to speak in front of and with others, whether that is presenting, giving speeches, having a greater presence and communication skills in meetings, delivering training, interviews, or just chatting at the water cooler!

"Open Doors by Sharing Your Knowledge, Skills, and Passion with People who May Not Even Know What You Have to Offer."

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15 Top Sources of Nerves with Public Speaking - Video Training

15 video modules to help you shift your mindset around nerves, build your confidence and use the remaining adrenaline to your advantage.

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8 High Impact Ways to Start Every Time You Speak In Public - Audio Training

Open your talk with impact with this audio training programme you can download and play anywhere.

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How to Beat The Nerves When Speaking in Public!

Discover our top 5 Reasons why people get Nervous before Speaking - AND how to overcome them to Stop The Nerves from Getting The Better of You!

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How to Start Speaking with Impact Every Time

Do you find your audience hasn't connected with you or the information you are about to share with them in presentations, meetings, or training delivery?

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"Opened Dawes" Live Video Shows

Video chat shows, jam-packed with tips and advice, with audience interaction, and a new topic every week. Set reminders for the live shows (every Tuesday at 11am) on YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or watch the replays.

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opened dawes live

"Opened Dawes" Podcast

Audio recordings of the "Opened Dawes" Live video chat shows, jam-packed with tips and advice, with audience interaction, and a new topic every week.  Listen to the shows via your favourite podcast provider and more.

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