How to Beat The Nerves When Speaking in Public!

Discover the top 5 Reasons why people get Nervous before Speaking - AND how to overcome them to Stop The Nerves from Getting The Better of You!

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Chris Dawes would never have believed that by conquering the nerves, and finetuning his ability to give business presentations (and training sales teams to do the same) he would land a dream role.

Because Chris’s other passion is motorsports, and he still can’t quite believe that he’s paid to commentate on his favourite sport, be a Master of Ceremony at a wide variety of events, and present on TV and Radio. Chris is also a voiceover artist – so you may have heard him even if you’ve not yet met him. Follow the link to find out a bit more about Chris and his other life as a commentator .

Chris's story of opening new and unexpected doors shows that anything is possible, and he created the Open Dawes Training courses and philosophies based on his own experiences and the opportunities it afforded him. So, if you aspire to see what doors you can open from growing in confidence, willingness, and ability to speak in public, the team at Open Dawes are here to help

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