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Open New or More Doors by Sharing Your Knowledge, Skills, and Passion with People who May Not Even Know What You Have to Offer.

Grow in Confidence, Willingness, and Ability to Present and Speak in Front of Others and See The Opportunities Open Up Before You.


What is holding you back from speaking up?

If you are watching others win, secure more business, or gain more recognition than you do and deserve, have you noticed how many more times their voice is being heard by others compared to you?

So many people fall into either “won’t talk” or “can’t talk” and miss the possibilities or miss the mark!  So, you need to make sure that those who could make decisions that may impact your progress, opportunities, successes, sales, and achievements never accidentally overlook you due to not knowing or appreciating what knowledge, skills, qualities, experiences, passion, and the impact you or your products/services could bring to the table.

If they hear you, they may still choose not to open the door.  But if they don’t hear what you have to share then you will never know what could lay behind it!  If you want to make sure and never think “what if?”, Open Dawes Training’s COMMUNICATION SKILLS TO REMOVE LIMITS is the opportunity for you to bust down more doors!

Abbie's Story

With previously being an aspiring actress, Abbie assumed that she was confident enough to present in work situations.  However, this crumbled some years ago when a pitch was being made for a charity, but the nerves made her forget not just the content, but even the name of the charity.  This experience has stayed with Abbie ever since, and she was shocked to find that “until then I had never considered myself as a nervous person, but I dried up and I found that the ability to perform in musical theatre did not translate at all to a presentation”.

Now, not only was Abbie going to be presenting at events around Europe, North America, and the APAC region for her company, but she was going to take on the responsibility to provide training and support for new and existing colleagues within the organisation who would also provide presentations throughout each year.  So, Abbie received our public speaking training for herself, which then went deeper into our “train the trainer” program for her.

“Ever since I had the training with Open Dawes Training, I am totally up for any new opportunities – before I would have said ‘no thank you’!” said Abbie Venables – Events Coordinator at an international consultancy firm.

“The experience also taught me that there is a difference between simply practising and having an actual process to go through from start to finish.  It made me realise there is so much more to public speaking than simply standing there and speaking.  It’s all about the relationship with the audience, and it’s a two-way process.”

Imagine this...

Having the confidence to regularly share your knowledge, skills, experiences and passions in presentations, meetings, and training courses.

Having the confidence that you will get that information over in the best possible way, and to feel comfortable that you are being YOU rather than wearing a mask!

Imagine being able to empower others with your information, and to see the results that you or your organisation can gain from that.

Enjoy knowing that those “nerves” are excitement turned inside out and is the adrenaline to both make you perform and confirm that you are achieving something more than just going through the motions.

Change your mindset from deliberately "being a presenter", to having a conversation with your audience, and seeing the results for yourself.



The principles of our training were forming; unbeknownst at the time to our founder and lead coach, Chris Dawes; back in the late ’90s having first identified that he could go from someone who was able to have a major presence socially, yet wither into a nervous mess without a clue of what he was supposed to do when regularly having to present as part of his business and IT degree at the University of Plymouth.

His journey of self-exploration and understanding was able to help him identify what he was thinking and feeling, and why.  From this, he was able to identify or create the counter-arguments and changes of perceptions and identify areas for self-development.  This enabled him to not only graduate but also spend the next two decades (and still counting) in sales and marketing roles, which of course took the need to present and participate in meetings to the next level.  During this time he was able to open new doors to a secondary journey and has now spent over 11 years (and still counting) as a professional motorsports commentator and presenting on TV, radio, podcasts, live and recorded online shows, and live events, all attributable initially to his voyage of understanding and development in areas of communication and speaking in front of others.

There came a realisation that these efforts were not only fruitful in opening so many doors, as well as forging success in B2B sales roles and then a still growing media career but was in fact a common challenge for so many people, even if they appear outwardly extrovert in normal circumstances.  So, Chris created the Open Dawes Training philosophies to help others open their doors with public speaking like he felt so lucky to have done and has led to common sense, real-life, non-gimmicky/cliche training courses that have proven to enable countless individuals and organisations to develop a skill set that can remove limits of achievements and recognition for them too.


  • Give you the confidence to say yes or put your hand up when asked to speak or present, whether for yourself or your organisation
  • Provide greater Understanding, Management, and Utilisation of your nerves.
  • Improve your Planning, Content/Script Creation, and Structure
  • Establish an improved understanding of your strengths and how to play to them both verbally and physically.
  • Maximise your interaction, reaction, and management of audiences.
  • Create or grow your presence and communication skills in meetings, not just presentations.
  • Help you see what possibilities could exist when you are recognised as a leader or expert in your field.
  • Help you see that it is not just about the initial, potentially obvious and immediate doors that being seen and heard can open, but the unexpected ones that could lay beyond them once you break through.
  • Improve the ‘soft skill’ of public speaking, to give your ‘key skills’ a voice!

What others are saying about Chris' training...

"I feel that I have been able to apply a greater sense of self-worth to myself due to simple understandings of how and what was delivered throughout the course.  I look forward to putting my ideas into practice, not just at work, but also during everyday life by applying the knowledge of turning Nerves into Confidence and remembering to simply to Be Myself in a greater mindset."

Michael – Ministry of Defence

"The training I did with Open Dawes really helped my confidence, helped me to organise myself more and to condense my notes. It was also reassuring to understand that I shouldn’t expect the training to stop me feeling nervous, but that the training would help me use my nerves to my advantage."

Sophie Burgess – Devon County Outreach Officer for NSSW

"I really wanted to be more confident and feel less nervous in one-to-one meetings and knew that training would help,” said Karen.  “Chris is very open and friendly, and easy to get along with. He really put me at ease, especially during the videoing.  I now have good strategies in place to help me deal with my nerves when I meet new clients, which I can use going forward."

Karen Masi – Director of Oculus Wealth Management Wiltshire

Here is what you will get in Open Dawes Training’s CPD Accredited COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT REMOVE LIMITS programme:

10 modules, with over 6 hours of online CPD Accredited training videos and audio lessons, covering:

  1. Reasons and benefits of public speaking
  2. Nerves of public speaking/presenting – understanding them, perspectives, and management.
  3. Preparation and protection from the unexpected
  4. Script/content
  5. Communication techniques (incl. physical, verbal, and general)
  6. Starting, with control and impact
  7. Audience interaction and questions
  8. Finishing, with impact and actions
  9. Greater presence and communication skills in meetings
  10. Key points to make an instant difference.

Downloads to keep notes altogether.

Guide sheets to assist in creating and structuring your next presentation.

Key points reminder sheet.

Exclusive Member Only Community

An invitation to the COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT REMOVE LIMITS exclusive community group to join other members on their mission to open doors by being heard.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Access to a once/twice per month group coaching video conference to discuss and ask any questions you may have and get the answers right away from Chris Dawes or other members of the group.

Mobile and Tablet Access

Not only available via the online training portal, but also via the phone/tablet app, including the ability to play the audio or videos (as audio only) whilst your device is tucked safely in your pocket, headphones on, and off for a stroll (or as energetic as opted for…).  Truly portable and truly structured to make sure you continue your development and growth through the entire course content.

Full Access for One Year

Access will be available for 12 months from the date of purchase, thus enabling you to dive back into the training material before and after every time you put the learning into practice to help with giving context to the training, enable more to sink in, and turning your improvements into habits! After all, this is personal and professional development that will help you and your organisation! A soft skill that gives your key skills a voice!

PRO Programme Only:
Private 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

3 Hours of Private 1:1 video conference follow-up sessions to provide ongoing and specific mentoring, feedback, and guidance, including on recordings of your practical work - split into 30 or 60-minute sessions.

To add even more value to the COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT REMOVE LIMITS public speaking/presentation skills programme, and to give you the best chance of achieving success and lasting development, I want to also include these bonuses worth over £500

Practical Exercises

8 targeted practical exercises to practice, observe, and reinforce your learning, enabling you to see your improvements before your very eyes.  These are also exercises that can be repeated as a “public speaking work-out” to keep your progress going long after you have completed the course.


30-Minute Call with Chris

To help you see and feel the development that your efforts deserve, you will also receive a 30-minute video call at the end of the course to provide specific feedback and advice when comparing recordings of your completed 1st and 8th practical exercises.  If preferred, this can be provided as written or recorded feedback upon submission of your recordings of the 1st and 8th practical exercises.


Ongoing Further Training

Access to regular COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT REMOVE LIMITS webinars by Open Dawes Training which dive deeper into specific topics at no extra cost

£97+ Each

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One-Time Payment


One Single Payment Taken Today and No Further Payments Taken

  • 10 modules lessons to follow at your own pace (available immediately)
  • Downloads to keep notes altogether
  • Guide sheets for creating and structuring your next presentation
  • Key points reminder sheet
  • Monthly group coaching calls with Chris Dawes
  • 12 months access to training and group calls
  • 8 targeted practical exercises
  • End of course 30-minute video review call with Chris Dawes

One-Time Payment


One Single Payment Taken Today and No Further Payments Taken

  • 10 modules lessons to follow at your own pace (available immediately)
  • Downloads to keep notes altogether
  • Guide sheets for creating and structuring your next presentation
  • Key points reminder sheet
  • Monthly group coaching calls with Chris Dawes
  • 12 months access to training and group calls
  • 8 targeted practical exercises
  • End of course 30-minute video review call with Chris Dawes
  • PRO Program only: 50% discount on future modules or sub-courses launched for the COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT REMOVE LIMITS program
  • PRO Program only: 3 hours of Private 1:1 video conference follow-up mentoring sessions with Chris Dawes
  • PRO Program only - LIMITED availability of just 4 per month to guarantee levels of attention and focus for mentoring

Three Part Instalment Plan


One Payment Now and Two Subsequent Payments Taken Each Month Following

  • 10 modules lessons to follow at your own pace (released weekly)
  • Downloads to keep notes altogether
  • Guide sheets for creating and structuring your next presentation
  • Key points reminder sheet
  • Monthly group coaching calls with Chris Dawes
  • 12 months access to training and group calls
  • 8 targeted practical exercises
  • End of course 30-minute video review call with Chris Dawes

Get Access to the COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT REMOVE LIMITS Programme For Your Company or Team

If your requirement is for multiple people within your organisation, whether that is 2 to 2,000+, get in touch and let us know your requirements and we will be able to speak with you directly about the best way to provide this and the bespoke costings for you. This can vary from bulk buying set numbers to a period of time subscription for your whole organisation.


Chris’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

“"I am so confident that the “Communication Skills That Remove Limits” training will boost your communication skills that if you get to the end of module 3 and you’re not entirely satisfied I’ll give you your money back. All I ask is that you let us know within 28 days."   Chris Dawes

Frequently Asked Questions...

Join Chris Dawes in making the choice to see what doors you can open with these communication skills and the confidence to share your knowledge, experience, skills, and passion. Get instant access to Open Dawes Training Ltd.’s COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT REMOVE LIMITS programme today and give your core skills a voice.