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8 High Impact Ways to Start Every Time You Speak In Public - Audio Training

We all put so much work into the content of what we want to say or deliver in presentations, speeches, training delivery, meetings, etc.  But we then leave it as the steak without the sizzle!

Once we have created the content, it is vital that we open up and close with impact and control, and so the focus should always then switch to how we are going to start and finish what we have to say and share.  That way we know that people are connected, have the information in context, are keen to hear what is about to be said and will act on what they have just heard in whatever way is appropriate.

This training product covers in detail 8 key ways that we at Open Dawes Training have identified to really make a difference when you start speaking in public (Finishing is another module on its own within the full training programme).  Try them all and find what works best for you!

Following an introduction (preview video above) from Chris Dawes - founder and creator of Open Dawes Training Ltd, the audio training included in this online training product is made up of multiple audio lessons to listen in the app, via your web browser, or to download to your device.

The core audio lessons consist of:

  1. "Once Upon a Time"
  2. Rhetorical Question
  3. Shocking Stat or Headline
  4. Powerful Quote
  5. Gripping Photo
  6. Prop or Visual Aid
  7. Short Video
  8. "Why?" 


The experience also taught me that there is a difference between simply practising and having an actual process to go through from start to finish. It made me realise there is so much more to public speaking than simply standing there and speaking. It’s all about the relationship with the audience, and it’s a two-way process.

Abbie Venables